Thumb Piano – Painted Coconut


Thumb Piano – Painted Coconut


Fair Trade Thumb Piano – Painted Coconut

When the flesh from the coconut is scraped from the shell the ingenious folks in Indonesia don’t just throw the shells away,
they clean them up and turn them into wonderful gift items. Talk about using sustainable items to make perfect gifts.
This fair trade thumb piano is made from a hollowed out coconut shell which is then polished, the top board is painted using a cleaver dot technique which creates a funky art work. 

With the top board added to the hollow coconut this creates a resonating chamber that produces a louder, more harmonically complex sound, just perfect when playing your thumb piano.

Wonderful fair trade gift for people who like to play hand instruments.

Handmade in Indonesia
Made from Coconut

Approximately: 15cm diameter ∅
7 Tines (metal notes to play)
The tines can also be tuned by loosening the screws and changing the length of the metal.

Due to the handmade nature of these fair trade gifts and the fact that natural materials are used they will vary slightly.

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